Entity:WorldSpaceAABB() returns a box slightly larger than necessary. Any advice?

I noticed that, when using Entity:WorldSpaceAABB() to get the bounding box of a prop, it returns a bounding box slightly larger than necessary to fit the prop’s model. I have also tried PhysObj:GetAABB(), which DOES return the correct size, but the box is in local coordinates and does not incorporate rotation into its calculation. It’s not a simple matter of rotating the box, because that would mean that it would not account for different extremes of the mesh apart from the original axis-aligned edges.

Is there a different method I could use, similar to WorldSpaceAABB, that would return a correctly sized box? Or, is there any possible way to calculate and subtract the extra padding in the existing box?

Tried ent:LocalToWorld( LocalVector ) ?

Yeah, but it isn’t that simple. Depending on the rotation of some props, they can have different edges that define their minimum and maximum bounds. Just rotating the original AABB isn’t going to account for those.