EntityTakeDamage overriding bombs exploding on world impact

I just noticed that in my gamemode explosives dont explode on world impact like they would normally do in sandbox no matter how hard i drop or throw the explosive. However shooting at the bomb around 5 times will make it go boom. Is it something to do with the EntityTakeDamage hook since thats the only hook i can think of im using that might cause it. Is it possible that it is overriding the fall thing? I only have an if in the hook and i return nothing.


We can’t answer your scripting problems without you posting any code, if you could post us your current full code of the entity, we would be able to identify why your entity is not blowing up.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t be of any other assistance.

Its not a custom entity… I mean the phx explosives or explosive barrels that come with gmod.

If you are using your own prop spawning system, that might be why. Unless if people are using the original Q menu to spawn things? Then maybe some kind of explosives variable is set off for the server?

Not using my own prop spawning system. Spawn the explosions from q menu. But i manipulate the entities health with EntityTakeDamage and give them health on spawn. I was thinking the bombs might explode when their health is under 0 which is the default entity health so my higher health values might be why the bomb doesnt explode on the first impact but im not sure