Entrance guards of a Cannibal hideout- CID


A medic, oh the irony. Nice pic here.

<3 u

Those are some wasteful cannibals. Good meat just lying on the floor. If your gonna do it, you better go all the way.

Is that guy floating, or is he pinned to the wall?

Pinned :v:

Our one legged savior has risen.

I… I think I’m starting to fall for you.

;3 shuckz

I imagined the medic laying the arm on the MG during a firefight to cook it.

You win, I was trying to make a pose like that, with the same dudes before this one, didn’t work out…

Those faces they are making, its like they are high or something :stuck_out_tongue:

Good work nevertheless.

Dinner is served boyz.

They’re CANNIBALS. THAT is what’s with the faces.

All that perfectly good food just laying there :frowning:

In the beginning i thought the pic was good, then Louis Armstrong made me love it! the song fits extremely well!

They should have just instead put up a flashing sign that says “Cannibals here!”.