Entrenched Guardsmen

Some Guardsmen shooting their lasgun in front of some Armour.

The back looks really empty but I like what I see on the front.
Also the sand been blown away by the Ships looks a little solid, it should be more smokish.

Said that, I love the lazors and the posing on the front soldiers.

Dust looks good.

It’s because of how light the background it, there’s two dirt layer but without a dark background behind them it makes it look like a solid glob.
It looks differance on monitor brightness too, on my left monitor it’s light and blends in, on the right it’s dark and stands out.

Nice posing, and nice lasers and muzzle-flashes :3:

The only thing I don’t really like is the lack of background use, and the dust is a little cartoony, but I do like the concept :v:.

Arty4U :smiley:

Where did you get the models?