ents.Create - NPC CarDealer

Im trying to get the lua file for the jeep to make it spawn from my NPC.
This is the code for the npc:

function BuyJeepLeft(ply, ent)  
	if not ply:CanAfford(5000) then
    Notify(ply, 1, 4, string.format(LANGUAGE.cant_afford, "Jeep"))  return ""  else
	local jeep = ents.Create("prop_vehicle_jeep")
	jeep:SetPos( -1136.552368, 2145.427246, 68)
	jeep.dt.owning_ent = ply
concommand.Add("buy_jeepleft", BuyJeepLeft)

What is the name of the Jeep that I could use to spawn it?

local jeep = ents.Create(“prop_vehicle_jeep”) << This doesn’t spawn a jeep.

What does?

prop_vehicle_jeep is correct, you must have the code wrong.


Author	=	VALVe
Name	=	Jeep
		vehiclescript	=	scripts/vehicles/jeep_test.txt
Model	=	models/buggy.mdl
Class	=	prop_vehicle_jeep_old
Information	=	The regular old jeep
Category	=	Half-Life 2

This is the code for DarkRP if I am not mistaken.
Anyways, it says PROP_vehicle_jeep I believe that’s just a model, you would have to set the key value of the vehicle script.