ents.FindInBox returns nothing (for print, at least)

[lua]concommand.Add(“boxprint”, function()
print(ents.FindInBox(Vector(-16380,-16380,-16380), Vector(16380,16380,16380)))
Typing the command does nothing. I am alive and obviously in the box. I just want to test ents.FindInBox. It is in init.lua. Help?

try PrintTable(ents.FindInBox(args)) instead, or use table tostring.

Changing print to PrintTable did nothing.

Nor did using tabletostring

EDIT: Seems to print only in server console. How would it be printed into the client’s console?

Add the command clientside.

Tried it. Copy pasted the function into cl_init and changed the name from concommand name boxprint to boxprintcl.

[lua]concommand.Add(“boxprintcl”, function()
print(table.ToString( ents.FindInBox(Vector(-16380,-16380,-16380), Vector(16380,16380,16380)), “findinboxtest”, 1 ));


Let me remind you that there are no errors in cl_init or init and everything else in cl_init is loading fine, including code further down than the concommand. I reconnected my client, changed the server map, hell I even restarted the server and still nothing!