env_screeneffect not working?

Hey guys, I got a small problem, I made a env_screeneffect, and a func_button, made them work together, but when I press the button, nothing happens. My effect was Advisor Stun, just to test, but nothing happens.
If someone told me how to make it work, or tell me it doesn’t work, it would be great.

There is a damn help thread for all your little questions such as the last load you have posted. Try to use that thread, it’s what its there for.

Sorry sir. drops a tear

StartEffect makes the effect last over so many seconds so running an output on it for StartEffect 20 would make it last for 20 seconds. Though it is quite buggy.

Seriously use it. Otherwise this section gets cluttered.

Yea, I will. I’m sorry.

Hmm, I always wondered why the advisor stun screen effect didn’t work for me. But thats my question answered.