Env_zoom not zooming

So I’m making a background map and one of the things I decided to throw in was a zoomed in view. So I made an env_zoom, filled out all the keyvalues and made a logic_auto that would make it zoom with ‘OnMapSpawn’ (since right now I’m just testing it as a normal map in GMod, I’ll change it to ‘OnBackgroundMap’ when it’s done). However, for some reason it isn’t zooming when the map loads, I’ve even checked in developer mode to confirm that it is infact sending the output to the env_zoom. I have been able to activate it by using the ent_fire command in the console, which means there’s nothing wrong with the entity itself.

So, what the hell is going on?

Cpould you not just use point_view control attached to a func_tracktrain to move it closer to the scene?

But then it would have a wide FOV, I need that small FOV zoomed in effect.
Anyways I was going to have it shifting between two or three different angles for dramatic effect.

Try adding a delay to the output. It might have trouble working before the world is fully functional.

Here’s what I’ve got going on:

And here’s the console in-game after I had to zoom it manually with ent_fire: