Environment lighting and fog beginning to become a bitch.

So I’ve been trying to make a map in a post-apocalyptic setting, but the thing is,
I can’t get the lighting and fogging right.
I’ve tried adding CC to it but when the lighting is shit, it screws up everything.

I’m looking for a sort of brown-ish grey or blue-ish grey.
What settings should I use for the fog and the env light?

Also I know I suck at formatting.

While I try to experiment and help you out, look at some references from other apocalyptic games. I really suggest the STALKER series and Fallout 3:

Might have to do this later aswell, school and all.

Try some of these:

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I’d use the same color as the light_environment

Try making the fog start closer and end further away. Maybe fog start to 800 and fog end to 4000 ? Try to match the colors with the skybox. If not, then some color correction might help.

Here are some reference pictures for the lighting and atmosphere:


When it comes to post-apocalyptic, It’s probably best to make your own apocalypse. Get artistic and imagine your own awesome, unique way that the world ended and be as free as you want with your artistic design. It’s kinda boring to see the same old “nuke exploded, only small colonies of survivors now” situation every single time someone mentions post-apocalyptic.

Amongst many on here, that’s exactly what post apoc means. Personally i prefer a frozen earth. There is so much more you can do with it.

Frozen Earth? Like another Ice Age? That sounds epic.