Environmental Impact?

I was recently perusing the Trello for development and noticed a need/desire of the community in increasing the volume of resources per player in a server. While immediately I am for this idea, I have additional thoughts. As I am apt as a new player in a busy server to find few resource nodes, I wonder if adjusting the volume would distort a sense of realism. Realistically, if hundreds of folks were mining ore and harvesting wood, the environment would be stripped of minerals and deforested. Is there a way that players could essentially have an environmental impact in the game? Sure, there would be enough resources for people, but maybe some areas could be over-mined/over-gathered to the point of scarcity. I don’t know what all of that would entail, but I thought it was a nifty idea. And, granted, it hinges upon how ‘realistic’ of a game Rust is aiming to be without being convoluted.


You can only take realism so far.

Like nothing poops in rust - people or the wildlife, no blood left on ground after an animal is stripped down - those sort of things would be handy for showing activity in an area.

Maybe you could bury kills, waste etc to hide your activity etc… it goes on and on.

I think they could add Mining caves… where it would be pretty dark and with some danger but you could found lot of ores to gather

It would be cool to go inside a cave and found a shelter with someone living in there haha

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