Environments: An advanced but efficient space engine for Garrysmod, with none of the lag caused by SB.

Old Gameplay Video.

*Ability to edit properties of planets through a text file
*Much Faster Environment Checking
*A Spacesuit
*3D Visor Style Hud while wearing suit helmet
*Ship/Station Atmospheres that stay inside the ship
*Compatibility with most LS3 devices
*Realistic effects of environments on your spacesuit, such as heat conduction (no instant temperature changes like SB)
*Random Events Such as Meteor Showers, Earthquakes, or Asteroid Impacts
*A serverside logging system that can be accessed from the client
*Many future updates to come :smiley:

[release]Console Commands
env_get_logs - gets the log and opens it up in a derma window
env_server_reload - resets all of the planets
env_hud_reload - reloads the hud
env_fire_event - calls an event on the planet you are currently on (possible options include meteor, meteorstorm, and earthquake)
env_update_check - checks for svn updates

env_hud_unit - changes the units used for temperature (options are K, C, or F)
env_hud_enabled - enables or disables the hud clientside
env_allow_noclip - if noclip is allowed or not for nonadmins


[release]How To:
Life Support: Instead of using the default LS3 life support like the climate reg or gravity reg, this addon uses an entity called the LS Core that is under the entities tab. It will make the interior of a ship that is welded together have a single atmosphere that you can only breathe in when inside the ship. To use it, simply spawn, weld it to your ship, link it to your network, and turn it on.

Spacesuit: to take the helmet of your spacesuit on and off along with its hud, simply press F2. Be warned, you can’t survive in space and on most other planets without this.[/release]

CmdrMatthew - Lua Coding
JVS - base code for the HUD visor
The Spacebuild Dev Team - map loading
Aycerus Servers - for hosting my addon during development and for helping me with testing[/release]

NOTE: When you install be sure to remove the LS3 Core and the SpaceBuild folder if they are already on the server.
REQUIREMENTS: A life support, mine or LS3; Spacebuild_Content if using my life support.

I am looking for any and all ideas to improve my addon, so feel free to tell me of any issues and I will get on them right away.
I am also looking for suggestions on what to add to it next, just post any bugs or ideas you have here.
Main Addon SVN: http://environments.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/Environments%20Core/ UPDATE REGULARLY!
LS System SVN http://environments.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/EnvironmentsRD/

Server: Aycerus Spacebuild #1 (not really SB)
Thanks to Aycerus for graciously supporting me during the development!

you’ve piqued my interest

well done

does it require ls3 to run and refill space suits or is there another way

Currently it requires LS3 to refill spacesuits. Thank you for reminding me of this, I am going to make it so you don’t have to have LS3 sometime in the near future to do this.

:aaaaa: you took the letters out of my keyboard.

Also on a side note.

Repository moved permanently to 'http://code.google.com/hosting/'; please relocate

Ok, put up the svn ready link, instead of just the one to the googlecode page.

nice can i ask how did you did the HUD on the 1st pic?

It’s basically a 2D HUD drawn onto a cylinder.

ok thank you

Oh, I hadn’t seen the latest things you added, like the helmet hud and the like.
Looks really sweet!
Maybe I should get my ass back into the SB server and actually try it out again…

Wonderful job.

+1 Lua King

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Slight suggestion, think you could make a derma menu so you could customize the helmet hud a bit, like colors, etc.?

Or would that be too much work?

Thanks! Yeah, I could do something like that in the future.


<- Is a customization fag

  1. HUD seems to get squished on my resolution of 1680x1050


  1. I would like it better if you didn’t need a network for the ship atmosphere thing. Or make it optional since I don’t want CAF and Networks and all that on the server.

Looks good, but you should do some more tests.

We once thought about implementing this system for SB2, but due to restrictions in the engine (500+ touches at the same time) that caused the engine to break back then we dediced to use the system that’s used right now.

Smoot: I will get to work on adding your resolution right away! I have to add support for the larger resolutions manually, because the positioning of the HUD is quite fiddly.

Filename: CAF_Hooks, Message: Think3 Error: [addons\ls3_spacebuild3\lua\entities\base_sb_environment\init.lua:496] attempt to compare number with nil

Thats the error I get, ls3 is up to date.

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Àre you supose to del the lse ents folder aswell?

You must have forgot to uninstall SB, and no you do not need to remove the LS3 ents folder.

SVN Update: Added random meteor showers

The gamemode itself works great.

Not had to a chance to prolong test it to see if it lags less than SB3. However there are a few niggles that I might need to tweak out.

The HUD, sorry I really am but it’s horrible :s
I think I will make it something like what you have here: http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/7831/environmentsstresstest1.jpg with the top right box, only move it bottom left. Maybe make a picture for helmet on/helmet off etc.

i like the hud

When I posted the screenshots wouldn’t load.

I must admit it looks alot better with his resolution, over this one