Envmaps I make never work

I’m simply trying to make envmap textures, but they are horrilbly messed up in game.

The only thing I think could be wrong is that their flag “Environment map” is not flagged, and it cannot be flagged manually because it’s format specified.
I did find an importion mode for environment maps in VTFEdit, but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

Why does it seem like there’s absolutely no information at all anywhere about envmaps!?

I did some trial and error work a few months back about these. Ended up making a 2048x2048x6 envmap.

You import multiple images at once using the environment map format. Instead of resulting with frames, you will get faces instead. Can’t remember which is which, or what orientation they require, so you’re gonna have to try that yourself.

Wow, I’ve never noticed that simply envmaps have faces.

That helps a lot.

normal maps also interfere

Now the problem was that the envmap was only purple and black even though the facing worked.
I tried changing everything, formats, compression and version and the only time I got it working was when I made a seven faced with version 7.3.

In what order are the sides in in the faces?


And what is the seventh face in TF2 cubemaps?

Looks like it could be a spheremap.

Use a different shader. I think it’s actually got it’s own.


Wait, what am I on about?