Envy of the dead

I don’t think I really need to explain the story line too much. Anyone with a brain should realize.

Fuck If I know. Wait I made it, I should know… Just experimenting with pataoshop. I can see myself a few things wrong with it, feel free to point them out and give suggests on improving.

Contrast is too harsh for my taste. Depth-of-field is nice.

Yeah it looks like he doesn’t know where the handle is…

Still I rate art!

The gun is too big for the guy, and Lion is right about the way he grabs the handle.
Everything else is fine I guess.

Yeah, forgot to turn down the bloom -_-

As for the gun, the handle is kinda complex, his right hand is on it though. But yeah, It is to big for him :smiley:

Got the original still? i’d like to give it an edit

Uh yeah, here


I had to fuse the one with the lights and the DOF one together though, the DOF wouldn’t capture with the light enabled.

^ way better.

Oh great.

The one I spent half an hour on degraded the quality

sweet, i’ll see what i can do.


Finished. Stamp tool is now officially my second favorite tool, dodge and burn is first.