'<eof>' expected near 'end' PLEASE HELP!

I have a DarkRP server and I’m making the jobs but I have come across this error. ‘<eof>’ expected near ‘end’

Here is the PasteBin: http://pastebin.com/RbyaUs8P

A fix ASAP would be super appreciated.

What line is the error on? Can you post a full stack trace?

Line 188. That end looks to be out of place.

You aren’t ending any function, so there is no reason to be putting it there.

[DEL]what line is the error on?[/DEL]

Above stated it well.

Line 188, you have a random end.

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So your saying to just remove the end on line 188?

Yes I see it to. Delete it.

No, by the following quotes:

I say change the end from english to spanish, here you go, followed google translator, try it out: ‘fin’.