EP1 1 puzzle

I mean episode 2 sorry! anyway
At the VERY start after dog pulls you out of the rubble you have to follow alyx, she jumps up and you need to break 2 pieces of wood for the gate to fall down so you can get up. How can i re-create this.

Ctrl + c
ctrl + v

You probably should decompile the map, and have a look. I’m unsure whether they use triggers or just basic physics. I’m pretty sure you can’t budge the ramp without destroying the wood. So try decompiling. Just don’t compile it again, else you’ll fuck stuff up, and remember decompiling breaks brushwork in some places so it should be used only to learn.

Usless response much?

Func_physbox connected to a phys_hinge, with some frozen, breakable prop_physics stopping it from falling down.

i decompiled the map and cant make anything out, ive found the spawnpoint.


What are you talking about? What puzzle?


The title says episode 1 puzzle, and the thread say episode 2 puzzle. Wtf?

Changed OP

Yer, I know what you mean now. I youtubed it.

Hinge the prop_physics and disable motion. Spawn math_counter, and make the max however many wooden beams you have. On each beam have the output “on destroy>name of mathcounter>add 1”. On the math counter have the output “on hit max>name of prop_physics>enable motion”.

That should work :v:

how do i “hinge” my prop_physics?

Make a hinge, and move the center blob thing so it’s on one side of the prop, then put the hinge entity itself on the other side, so theres a line goinjg through the prop, where you want it to rotate. I think that would work. You might be able to make the entity target the prop. I’m not sure.

Havn’t used it before.

but how do i make the actual hinge itself… theres no texture or entity named “hinge”

One sec. I’ll have a looksie.

It’s phys_hinge.

ok i’ve set it all up and will say if it works