EP1+2 Models/Materials not showing up in L4D2 Hammer

in the L4D2 Authoring Tools:

I have placed all the EP1+2 models and materials in their folders, (I extracted the models and materials folder from the GCFs) however the textures show up as the purple-black checkerboard and only some of the models show up.

In EP2 Hammer:

The models and materials used in the map show up. Now a sea of white instead of purple-black.

in EP1 Hammer:

Less than the EP2 Hammer, but some models and textures show up that didn’t in EP2. Still a mess of white.

Simply, they are not showing up in L4D2’s hammer, even when placed in the right folder, yet they show up within EP1 and EP2 Hammer. Help?

Sorry If I am not being too descriptive; it’s a private project and I would prefer if people didn’t know about it.

l4d and hl2 are different engines. You can get some of the l4d ones to show in hl2, but not all.

Did you convert the models?

No, how do I do that?

Ask the modeling section.