Ep1 and 2 GCF

Hey guys, is it possible to be able to actually download needed textures for say a map even if you don’t own the game its based on? I have heard of GCF’s before but i wouldnt trust any website sor stuff like that.

Downloading GCF files without actually owning the games are illegal. You’d have to buy them.

so i cant just find out what textures are needed specifically for a map, say evocity2 and than download those textures?

You don’t get it, do you? It is illegal to get those textures without owning the game itself… Just buy it; it’s not much.

No. As previously stated, that is still illegal.

alright fine ill go spend 15 bucks on 2 games I’ve already played.

go grab your mom’s credit card

thats a terrible idea

Go mow a few lawns then

Or try this: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Adding_Gamecontents_as_Addons

yes but to do that you would already need the content file of the game.

Hmm…if you already own the games on another console other than PC, then sell them. Then use the proceeds to get them on your computer?

I own the entire orange box for 360 so I’m not sellin that. JUST FORGET IT THE THREADS OVER