EP1 & EP2 Content on the workshop?

I was wondering, can I upload an addon containing content from HL:EP1 & HL:EP2?
I want to do this because most players don’t even know how to get a legacy addon and place it into their addons folder. But before I do it, I just want to make sure that I won’t be breaking any rules.

Yeahhh pretty sure uploading a bunch of Valve’s content is against the rules :confused:

If content from the HL2 games uploaded in the workshop is illegal, why does Source Filmmaker’s workshop have them?

Good question. Try it and find out, my money’s on that it will get removed though.

Because Valve uploaded it themselves?

Seems like it is Valve who uploaded it!

So short answer, no. Long answer, I could go into a bunch of copyright laws but not worth it. You can create ep1 and ep2 (your own model replacements) for the content however, but you would have to DIY.