EP2 and EP1 Content


Is there any written guides on how to get EP1/EP2 working with the new steam pipe update for dedicated servers?

Any help is much appreciated.


Here you go!

Is there a version that works for dedicated servers, that I can deploy across multiple servers.

The way you deploy EP1 and EP2 to dedicated server is by using SteamPipe.

Login to a Steam account that has EP1 and EP2.

For EP1:
app_update 380

For EP2:
app_update 420

Then mount them using mount.cfg.

Example that I use:

// Use this file to mount additional paths to the filesystem
// DO NOT add a slash to the end of the filename

	"cstrike"	"C:\srcds\content\css\cstrike"
	"dod"		"C:\srcds\content\dods\dod"
	"episodic"	"C:\srcds\content\hl2ep1\episodic"
	"ep2"		"C:\srcds\content\hl2ep2\ep2"
	"hl2mp"		"C:\srcds\content\hl2dm\hl2mp"
	"tf"		"C:\srcds\content	f2	f"

Awesome, thanks for the response I’ll give this a try now.(Forgot all games don’t work with anonymous login)

Oh my bad, I thought you were referring clientside-wise, not serverside.