Ep2 Bunk Bed Edit

I need an edited version of the Episode 2 bunk bed model.

Pretty much the bottom mattress has to be its on model instead of being attached to the above one.

Also, I need the bottom of the separate mattress to be black instead of transparent…

…and lastly I need the bed frame to have nothing underneath the bottom bunk.

I’m not sure how hard of a job this is, but I don’t need it right away so you can take your time.

Or you could just weld them together with a little dash of no-collide.

This is actually for a mapping project that I’m working on, I need the bottom mattress to rise up to reveal a trapdoor underneath the bottom bunk.

So you also need an animation for it then right?

No, I can do the movement of the mattress quite easily using a func_door.