EP2 Bunker doors?

Those big green bunker doors, the only animations i see for the prop are unlock and lock. How do I make one of them?

Create a func_door and parent the door prop to the func_door.

The prop moves back, that’s it

If you play through the game again you will see that the doors don’t have hinges, they play the unlock animation adn then slide to the right into the wall.

Set the move direction on the func door to up.

Waaat. I thought it unlocks then the inside part slides…


Parent a prop_dynamic_override to a func_door have a tigger make it play the “unlock” anim then with a delay of like 1 second have the func_door open.

They don’t have to be prop_dynamic_override.

No, they don’t.

But it’s a force of habit that I’ve picked up and as far as I know of it has no disadvantages.