EP2 Content isn't showing up...

Alright, now, before you say, I’ll tell you that I have the Orange Box fully installed and mounted, and I’ve been able to use Episode 2 content since I first got GMod in 2008.

However, today, I’ve run into a problem.

I tried spawning a Hunter NPC, only to find that I spawned an error model shooting invisible flechettes (the console started spewing out errors as well). I was a bit confused, so I undid it, and spawned an antlion worker. Still came up as an error spewing error acid. The same thing happened with Uriah, and the antlion grub.

In short, it’s not recognizing my EP2 stuff, and apparently the particles are missing.

I just validated Garry’s Mod and EP2, so I’m not sure what the problem is.


It looks like it’s just not mounting at all. Any suggestions?

Is it mounted in gmod options?

Yeah, it is. I just reinstalled EP2, and it worked.