Ep2 crashes after loading compiled map

Hi guys, I’ve got a problem with a map I’m currently working on.
When I compile it (everything on “normal”), Half Life 2: Episode 2 loads normally, but it crashes while loading the map, and it says: “HL2.exe has encountered a problem and must be closed.”
I already ran through the compile log and didn’t find any errors:

I already tried launching it through console or using another compiler (VBCT), but it still crashed.
Hopefully someone knows a solution :wink:

I’m not quite sure, but this may have an affect on it

Could not locate ‘GameData’ key in d:programmeverschiedenesteamsteamappsNAMEhalf-life 2 episode twoep2gameinfo.txt

Google how to create own GameData file, you should see a tutorial from the SDK Docs or something like that.

“d:programmeverschiedenesteamsteamappsNAMEsourcesd kbinsource2009binvbsp.exe”

Where are the /'s?

's* :v:

But yeah, I too was wondering. Also, spaces, you can’t have those can you?

EDIT 1 - How come you edited the compile log? As far as I know, your steam ID can’t be NAME.

That’s not an issue to be concerned with.

All compile logs throw that error up.

The missing 's were in every log I created, and I just replaced my username with a placeholder, don’t know the reason for that, though.

I already tried moving it to another folder/renaming it, no difference.

Does nobody have a solution for this?
I already tried optimizing the map as far as I could, Skybox fits, most of the details are func_detailed, but the error still shows up… :frowning:

Got displacements? If you’ve got FAR too many that are power 4, you’re going to see a lot of crashes.

No, not a single one.
I’m going to post a few pictures later, maybe I’ll release the .vmf too if it helps…

if you dont want your work stolen i wouldnt. If anything give it to someone trustworthy to look at it

Who steals work nowadays? And if they do, the original author will notice.

So here are a few pictures.





I’m currently trying to split up the map to see which parts are working and which are not, maybe that’ll help.

i have a map that’s made entirely of power of 4 displacements

it’s only a problem if the size of a displacement is too small (it’s a collision problem, because that goes away if you disable collisions)

Okay, after creating visgroups of every house I found the problem:

These prop_door_rotating caused the error.

Their names are “door1a” and “door1b”, because I thought that I needed to set the other door as a parent, instead of both naming the same.

The error is now corrected, and everything works fine again:

This is my second try at mapping, so the map is horribly optimized, but I’ll try to improve it more.

Looks like some sort of Zombie RP map, I like it.

Yes, I’ve considered that, maybe I’ll post more pictures in the Map WIP thread when I made some more progress :wink:

Quick hint in the future. When you start on a new project, set some goals before you start. If it’s for CS:S then which gamemode should it use? Is it RP, DE, CS, ZS etc.

What kind of theme does it run by? Should it be day or night - that’s a big one. Nighttime means you can manipulate lighting outside, which can either be a good or bad things all depending on your skill level.

I think you get the point ^^ It’s always nice to have these things sorted so you know where to go :slight_smile:

To add on to that too, it’s always good to have a lot of reference photos/videos to go off of for inspiration, as well as a playlist of music to map to, whatever gets you in the mapping mood. For me, if it wasn’t for those, I’d have dropped the map I’ve been working on a LONG time ago.

Thanks for all the suggestions :wink:
The goal for this map was to rebuild an environment I’ve created for a story (school project) in Source, complete with the described lighting and the environment, so the light settings were already set, I haven’t thought of a specific “category” or gamemode yet.
I’m using this map just as a test level to see what’s possible and what’s not, or what I can achieve with my current skill level.
I don’t really think that I’ll release it because of all the (possibly) horrible brush work and/or the general layout.

I already have a few resources for urban environments, or references for buildings, and I created some nice layouts and sketches that I’ll test out.

Anyways, thanks for all the feedback I’m getting here :wink:

I have a few playlists with fitting music due to the “Yap and Blabber Thread”, it really helps with getting the right feeling :slight_smile: