EP2, CS:S and GMOD props in Hammer at the same time

I did not find anything at the GMod or VALVe Dev wikis, I hope you can help me. I want to create a map, but I need props and textures from both CS:S and Episode Two. Is it possible to get this done without having to copy all CS:S textures into the EP2 folder? Is there any way to tell hammer to load props from both games?

The GMod configuration shown in the wiki only adds entities, that’s not what I’m looking for. Can anyone show me how to do it? I already have experience in mapping, just this one thing I can’t get done…

Use GCFScape to extract game content into the game directory you’re mapping for.

Well, that’s what I thought of first, but isn’t there any other way? I mean, the files are around 1.3 GB, and I thought there would be some command for hammer, but oh well, seems I have to use this one. Thanks anyways, at least now I know there isn’t a code-entering way.

This has been answered a thousand times, use the search function.

Search is disabled because of the FP server, and there would be millions of posts if I searched for “prop” and “counter-strike”. If there is a way other than copying everything, I would be very grateful for the link to a thread where it’s answered, or a quote of the person who gave a guide or something.

You could just google “all props in hammer facepunch” or something, it will then usually prioritize all the links from facepunch.