EP2 Explosion "Remake"?

I love the silo explosion from Episode 2, however I do not have the game.

I was wondering if anyone could make a replica of the explosion, or teach me how I can do it myself. It would be nice to make it a STool that makes it detonate when you press a numpad key. Or a modification of one of the explosions in Garry’s Bombs 3.

I don’t really want anything super complicated, just an explosion, smoke, and fireballs that fly in different directions.

I can probably make the textures for it. (the smoke, explosion, fireballs, etc)


Didn’t you create another post on this?

Isn’t there a map for this?

A map with the explosion that is in the silo map at the end of ep2? No, don’t think so:downs:

Oh sorry, I was thinking about this one