EP2 is now running under Source 2009 in SDK

I’m not sure if this happens to all of you, but after the HL2 saga update yesterday my EP2 and thus a mod using its configuration for Hammer started bugging. The 2D views stopped working like after the previous (fucked up) update. This happened when I used them under the Source 2007 option in SDKlauncher. I then changed to Source 2009 and everything started to work like normally.

Is this a permanent (good) update or another VALVe fuck up.


ya same, source 2009 works now and source 2007 doesnt, they broke one and fixed the other.

/doesn’t update SDK.

okay thats the reason my hammer is crashing the whole time yesterday o.O
sry 4 my bad english

‘Oh right, that’s the reason my hammer was crashing yesterday.’
Just showing you where you made your mistakes so you can learn.

Ok, my 2007 Ep2 won’t work either, but there’s no Ep2 option under 2009.

Looks like I’ll have to add a config manually. :mad:


Whoah, sculpt tool is worthless. Regular displacement tool is way better.

I’ll keep my mapping comp offline, and hammer open, for just a little bit longer. Or a lot.



whats the point of sculpt lol

Hmm, I tried compiling under 2009 but it says that windows couldn’t find the file specified. :mad:

PARTY! definitely a good thing, 3 decimal point texture scaling and instances makes an immense difference. If you don’t think those two small features are worth it then you are WRONG :stuck_out_tongue:

What does instances do?

I think it is something to do with multiple people working on the same map, correct me if I’m wrong.

it lets you place maps inside other maps via an entity.

That’s right, have an arch appear a million times on a building and aren’t sure how the final texture and structure will be? Make an instance and then adjust one single arches texturing and structure and have it appear across the whole building!

Have a few buildings that are at funny angles, dont want to have to make it to perfection, then rotate it for fear of screwing something up? make an instance and then build the building ON THE GRID and import it into your main map! Rotate to hearts content with zero problems!

Have a loading zone? want to make sure it’s exactly the same? make the loading zone an instance and have that in each map, guarantee your changes will appear on both maps with no effort gained!

Have multiple maps and want to see how they are all connecting and that they never overlap? why not import them both into a new map and see how they fit together!

oh god, so good :stuck_out_tongue:

-edit- My favourite is the rotating of objects, circular building are finally easier and off the grid mapping is also now actually plausible. The HUGE difference that not having everything at 90 degrees makes to a map is amazing, so much more natural.

Reset the configs.



Do it manually.

Just so you know, the texture scale is stored to 7 or 8 decimal places inside the vmf anyway, it’s just rounded to 2 (or now 3) for display purposes.

Man wish I had time to map again. Sucks though when valve fucks up. Happens a lot more then it should.

How? can’t create a mod config under the 2009 engine.

I realise that it worked previously if you enter in numbers, but as soon as I did anything else to it it would just round itself rather annoyingly to the nearest 2 as far as I recall?

-edit- he means by doing it manually just go find the config file and set the path’s to the 2009 content for your mod I am guessing.