EP2 NPC sounds not playing in Multiplayer

I have a gmod 10 server with the following content installed on the server and mounted:

Mounting hl2… OK
Mounting ep2… OK
Mounting tf… OK
Mounting cstrike… OK
Mounting episodic… OK
Mounting hl2mp… OK
Mounting portal… OK
Mounting lostcoast… OK

I extracted the following GCF’s for the games I own, per the instructions in this wiki, in the order listed:

HL2 / Episode One / Episode Two
Due to HL2/Ep1/Ep2 being singleplayer games you will be required to extract all of the content gcf’s into

half-life 2 content.gcf
source materials.gcf
source models.gcf
source sounds.gcf

episode 1 shared.gcf
half-life 2 episode one.gcf

episode two content.gcf
episode two materials.gcf
episodic 2007 shared.gcf
half-life 2 episode two english.gcf
source 2007 shared materials.gcf
source 2007 shared models.gcf

portal content.gcf
portal english.gcf

Now, the issue. I have built a map with Strider, Dropship, Gunship, and Attack Helicopter. All properly pathed and noded etc. It was built using the EP2 config in the SDK. It works perfectly fine in SP Gmod mode.

When I run the map on the server. All the above NPC’s run/fly around and behave exactly as in SP except they are missing most of their sounds. The same is true when I host a game using the client. Load the map in SP all is good, load it with “Create Mulitplayer” or installed on a dedicated server and next to no sounds for the NPC’s.

No strider footsteps, no engine or helicopter rotor sounds etc. I shouldn’t say ‘no sounds’ because there are a few things that work. The combine soldier talk to each other and their guns have sounds. The dropship crate gun has sound, but alot of the normal sounds, flying sounds, landing sounds, helicopter rotor, etc. are not playing. I do not see any missing sound errors in the server logs/console or in the client console.

Why is this? The map was intended to be a multiplayer Gmod map, but with so few sounds working, the cinematic effect is nil. Hope somebody can help with this, or I have just wasted a lot of time. :smiley:

Sound scripts aren’t installed. I know there’s a tut regarding installing these, but it’s 4 am and I cba to find it. Just look up gmod NPC sounds scripts or something like that on google/fp.

Ok, well thanks, that gives me some hope on this.

But, shouldn’t they be installed from extracting all the mentioned GCF’s? Or is there another step necessary to get them to work in MP?

I tried googling/FP searches but can’t seem to find the info I’m looking for. So if anybody knows how to get the sounds working for Strider, Dropship, Gunship, and Assault Heli, in MP, I would be very grateful.

Put it this way, It’s no good installing something if what’s gonna use it (in this case, the game itself) doesn’t have the nessessary tools to call for it.

Just did a quick serach and it seems any tutorial that was there before is now gone which is just retarded. I can’t remember the exact method off the top of my head so I’m gonna have to run through the stages myself to better re-aquaint myself with the method.

Hey thanks for the follow up.

Well, here’s an update. Ok, I did an SDK refresh among other things, and now I see that the only NPC that is still having sound issues is the combinedropship. All the others are working now. I’m not sure what fixed them, the sdk refresh or the fact that I packaged the map as an addon instead of a stand-alone bsp in the maps dir, with the custom content packed into it via pakrat.

The bummer is the dropship is still basically silent in MP, even though it flys in, drops off 6 soldiers in a crate and flys off without issue. I also tried some other odd things like packing the npc_dropship_sounds.txt into the map with the dir set as scripts, thinking maybe it was getting overridden somewhere. But that didn’t help either. I do now see what sounds it uses from that textfile. And I did browse to them in Hammer with sound browser, and they all play, so it doesn’t seem to be an issue with the EP2 config I’m using.

If you happen to come across that info, it might still help me out. Thanks again.

Update 2:

I posted in haste. The NPC sounds are only working when I create a listen server, “Create Multiplayer”.

When I tested on the dedicated server, all the NPC sounds are still not working. :frowning:

Anyone have an idea as to how to install the NPC sound scripts for strider, heli, dropship, gunship, etc., to a dedicated server? Please inform. :slight_smile:

Update 3:

Installed fresh GMOD server, none of the normal addons (wire, UW, phx3, ULX, assmod). Then extracted ALL the content from ALL the GCF’s mentioned in first post. Tested map and still the NPC’s have next to none of their normal sounds, mainly only gun sounds work… Also I tried spawning using give npc_strider and noticed again that even when spawned that way, there are no footstep sounds etc… Boring.

Everything works fine in SP and “Create Mulitplayer”, the sounds only stop working when the map is on a dedicated server or when spawning through “give” command on a dedicated server. I hope somebody has been through this already and can shed some light on this. Thanks in advance.

Update 4:

I found the solution finally in this thread.


And so I’m sharing it here, instead of just posting “I fixed it.”, and then disappearing off into the etherweb. :smiley:

Good thing! You just helped another dude with this issue, just that my server is failing. xD