EP2 - tree's

how do i get the EP2 tree’s to my hammer editer (i use EP1)

Use GCFScape, rip them from your Epsiode 2 .GCF (located in your steamapps folder) and put them in your ep1/models and ep1/materials folders.

It might not work, due to VTF texture formatting differs from the old way in ep1 if I recall correctly.

Why not just use ep2?

Cause he’d have to buy it

He has it.

Why cant he just configure Hammer for Episode 2, Im pretty sure you can map for Episode 2 on Hammer for Ep1.

Maybe he doesn’t want to.

Plural is trees. Tree is, if that were ever a contraction, would be tree’s.


Maybe he does want to, Maybe he already has! :iiam: