Ep2_Tester01 (Scary map WIP)

After finding this thread: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=781025

I decided to try, making my own map. And because there will be long way until it’s released (I don’t work fast) I decided to post some photos of the WIP.


The start of the map. 2 silo doors, the one is behing you, like you just entered the room. Player spawns just a little to the left.


The little area after the first tirn. Has physics props. Player comes from the right.


The first big moment. Player enters, and if the door behind him is open, it closes as he approaches the other door. If he tries to open the other door, a sound plays and the door behind him disappears, and a wall show, plus some props. When he turns around, screen starts shaking, props fall and break, little fade and sound effects to simulate scare. Heartbeat sound loops, until certain time has passed or he exits the room. (There is a little corridor between the doors shown on screenshots 2 and 3, where a headcrab sound plays, when player passes under a vent.)


The corridor after the previous room. When player comes out, he ‘calms down’. Heartbeat stops slowly. When he goes forward, a sound of braking glass bottle plays behing him. When he turns, the door through which he entered is also sealed. Hearbeat sound removed.


The room after the corridor. Nothing special about it, just and transition area.


Yet another corridor. Very low on light. The vent brakes and a metal breaking sound plays, when player passes it. Headcrab sound follows. This will trigger only when player looks forward, not where he came from or he looks at the vent.


The first (or maybe last, we will see) Dark Room. No light, and because I don’t want it pitchblack, little light entities are added. The main source of light, are the flares the player finds. When player enters, he will see a flare already burning (He can see it even before that, the doors have little windows.). But, when he enters, the flare fades away. This flare is placed to show the player what to do. Before there were 2 flares on a chair near the door, and 2 in the dark room. Now there is only 1 on the chair and 1 on the room. The player must use them to navigate through the room. There is a silo door (Not shown.), which represents dead end. But if the player takes a looks around, he will find a vent. (I’m telling where it is.)


Another angle of the Dark Room, showing it’s corridor.

The map is not finished. It’s a WIP.
It’s been detailed. I like to work like this. Build and detail at the same time.
Map has been optimized. Hints, AreaPortals, Func_Details.

Requests and tips will be accepted (If not harse or very hard to make).

I’m looking forward for minimun 10 minutes of gameplay. Give ideas, if you have any, and want to share.

Comment & Rate, if you want.

Don’t tell us what happens. It’ll ruin the suprise. :o

Also, vary the lighting and textures. Sickly yellow throughout, and the same concrete walls repeated endlessly will just get annoying after a while.

Looks like a lot of maps, theme is overused, but is still artistic.

Thanks all. Yes, I know that the textures are the same. The surpirse is already ruined. Anyway. After the vents the theme changes to bunker with blue colored atmosphere. About the overused, I think the only thing overused are the Physics props, like bottles and such.

Doorframes, use them.

Also instead of using yellow light, use a light orange, it makes it look better.

Remember not to pull off effects every corner because one of the things that will scare the shit out of the player half the time is the thought that something is going to happen.

Needs more shadow and contrast. Where the flares are; have everything pitch black other than the flares. Remember that scary isn’t about seeing a whole lot of blood and gore, it’s about what you don’t see (and what you think you might); the anticipation is the scary bit. Have flickering or swinging lights. Have strange noises that seem to follow you. Have a chuckle then the light beside you blows in a flash of sparks, and then silence.

All of the hallway lights are also far too bright. You need to turn them down so that you can at least see their falloff circles. If possible use the ent_projectedtexture (or something similar. It’s been too long since I’ve mapped) to throw out some funky light-cage shadows.


Pipes banging against each other and creaking too. The noises of things slithering or moving through the pipes, heavy breathing. Shadows.

Make people run but only to find it was no-one :ninja:

This was my idea. I never like the maps with tons of effects. It has extacly 4 little effects and 1 big spreaded into 2 minutes of gameplay. The map will have more areas. Now I’m working on a bunker style rooms, with Hunters. If needed, a video will be made, to see that the map it’s not what you think it is.

P.S. There is absolutely no gore in the map, don’t worry.