… Okay, so that might not fool YOU guys, but all the same, about a year ago I decided to prank a few close RL friends (quite the HL fans as well) into thinking I had a leaked beta copy of EP3. Now, what’s the first thing you kids say… “Pics or it didn’t happen”, is it? Well, I got pics, carefully made in Garry’s Mod to look as close to the sort of gameplay and graphics that could legitimately be expected from Valve at that time. It was actually a fun experiment for me, as it’s not always you make a Garry’s Mod screenshot look as much like, well, a game as possible, but… Well, I’ll let you see what they saw.

And again, it was a year or more ago, so there wasn’t much I could do dynamic shadow-wise.
And mipmaps were clamped in GM11/12, so some stuff is blurry…
Ah well, I might make new ones eventually.





And as a bonus, I also lead them on that Valve was making a WiiU game called Smite. Here’s the one phoney shot I did of that one.


What map is it?

gm_apartment or just apartment. It’s on toybox.

I have Gmod 13 and I don’t have Toybox, but the map is on Gmod.org too. Thanks for your information.

Brilliantly done fakes, it looks real.

The only problem is that EP3 most likely takes place in the Arctic (thanks to the Borealis), yet this is a woodland environment.

It’s a village at the base of a mountain. I guess this is close to the start of the game, or the helicopter is trashed and they realize they need to get to an old soviet military installation much like White Forest, and use a prototype teleporter there to go straight to the Borealis.

Convoluted but hey, how much of Half-Life 2’s twists did you see coming the first time around?

Quite honestly i thought it was gonna be some stupid troll type post with stupid picture . Glad i was wrong :slight_smile:

Pretty cool. I want to try messing with some people now.

Not bad, but I actually hope HL3/EP3 will look even better.

Cant say they look believable but nice job, at least they believed it :v:

(edited since i posted without reading the op)

Haha, nicely done. Did they believe it?

Also, what gun is that in the 3:rd pic?

Yeah, i want to know.

Also, is that DepthHUD?

nice shots, would fuck

The last picture was my favourite despite the N64 and the DS making it seem really fake.

In order starting with Viper’s post… Yes they believed it (to this day, in fact), it’s the default SMG with a better skin (unless you mean the last one, it was from a futuristic weapons pack so I’m not sure), yes that’s DepthHUD, thanks, and I put the Nintendo stuff there because that last one was a faked WiiU game screenshot. Nintendo loves to put their own products in games on their systems, so I kept with the trend.

Hand skins and Fakefactory weapon textures are huge throwoffs; thankfully your friends are brain dead so it’s still somewhat believable. Fabulous scenes.

Yeah, next time I’ll have to use the HD Redux skinset at a higher resolution. If I make new scenes it’ll be a lot more graphics-centric.