Epesode 1 gman

This is really a question about the model. this doesn’t really fit in with the help forum but there isn’ a generic question forum so… does anyone know the name of this model? or at least know of a good gman without a suitcase besides the one that has an invisible model? (it was invisible to me I don’t knoww about anyone else)

Just use !ent_fire picker skin (number) on Gman.

Two things.

  1. ent_fire !picker skin <number> you put the ! in the wrong place

  2. It wouldn’t be a skin, it would be a submodel.

You’ll want this then:

ent_Fire !picker setbodygroup 1

(Doubt it will have more than one subgroup).

Edit: Or use the bodygroup changer tool (as its so much easier).

Now that is useful XD

Spy poses, here I come…:haw:

np :slight_smile:

thanks for that guys but I was wondering so I could make a player model for kicks :smiley:
… if i knew how… :smiley:

Decompile the model add these lines into the qc:

$includemodel "m_anim.mdl"
$includemodel "m_shd.mdl"
$includemodel "m_pst.mdl"
$includemodel "m_gst.mdl"

Or this instead if your feeling lazy:

$includemodel "cs_fix.mdl"

And these are optional:

$includemodel "m_ss"
$includemodel "global_include.mdl"

Then recompile it (i’d advise altering the model name so it doesn’t replace anything but you don’t need to I suppose).

Also if your on about a GMan model you’d probberly have to extract it from the GCF first before you could decompile it (though the decompiler claims it can decompile from the GCF but I can’t figure out how to get it to do it ¬.¬)

Hope that helps :stuck_out_tongue: Also np :slight_smile:

ok what do I use to decompile it. could I use this program I have called Hex Editor? Or does that just open it so you can see the code? (Which I believe it does) … (I have a feeling I spelled believe wrong)

The hex editor is for hexing. To decompile it you will need StudioCompiler (don’t get the “improved version” it isn’t, unless you want to decompile L4D models) and probberly GCFScape aswell.