Epic Base Designer Tool from rusttools.com

Hello guys,
Finally the designer tool is available for you guys to test it. There might be some bugs but it is in usable condition.
Some screenshots:

In order to use the designer tool, you have to have the unity web player insatlled on your computer. You can download the web player here.

If you want to save your designs, you have to be registered to the forum.rusttools.com. After registering (and activating your account from your mail) you can use your forum username and password to save your design. If you just want to load and view the designs, you don’t have to be registered.

Here are the tips:
If you hold CTRL down, you can look around and rotate the camera by moving your mouse.
You can move the camera by pressing A, S, D and W buttons on your keyboard.
You can use your mouse wheel to zoom in/zoom out faster.
If you want to delete something, just click with your right mouse button on the item.

You should have a foundation first to add wall/pillar/window etc. To add foundation, simply click the wood foundation button from your left menu and click on the ground. After you have a foundation, you can click on the green parts of the foundation to add Wall, Doorway, Window (first you have to select the item that you want to add from left menu) and you can click on the brown square parts to add pillars.
To add Ceiling or stairs choose the item from the menu first and click on the foundation.
To rotate spike wall or ramp, make sure no material is active (you can see active material at the top) and right click on the item.

If you want to save your design, click save button from the menu and fill out the following information:
Username: your forum.rusttools.com username
Password: your forum.rusttools.com Password
Edit password: the password that you will need to modify your design later.
Once you have filled the information, click the save button and if the process is successful you will see a design ID. Copy the design ID somewhere that you won’t forget and press okay.
If you want to load a design, click load button and enter the design ID (pasting witl CTRL + V will be much easier!).
After you made some changes on somebody elses design, you can click on the Save As button to save the design like it is yours. The changes won’t effect the original design.

Sample Design:


That’s all for now. If you have any question please post here or on rusttols forums. If you find a bug, you can contact me: noob@rusttools.com

Looks like a useful tool for planning. Now if only I could find an area that flat where I know I could throw down all the foundations in the plan. :wink:

I couldn’t get this sample design to load, not sure what’s up. Sounds like a great tool, especially when trying to show a buddy what you are talking about. Good work.

For some reason, facepunch forums place a space in the design ID. I edited the original post, it should be fine now.

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i don’t think we can do anything about it :smile:

There seems like more work to do with it but at the moment it’s good.

At least it’s something! Hey thanks buddy :v:

My only gripe with this is that it does not represent the fuck ups of a hill messing with your base design.
Other than that, damn nice tool my friend. :dance:

Good to see people putting Unity to good use :slight_smile: I’m sure you’ll agree it’s an amazing prototyping tool.

I did a simple tool a while back which let you calculate resource usage for a simple tower-style base with no defenses (just the simplest design possible basically). Always knew somebody would do something better, and here it is :smiley:

AAaaah! I’ve been waiting for this tool ! Thanks, that’s really useful :wink:

Thanks guys. If you find any bugs please drop me an email.

ill try my best but this is hard to explain.

the tool is great but it doesnt let you build inside foundations.

example: build a 3x3 foundation then build a 2x2 house inside the 3x3 foundation

this tool does not implement that feature, also it lets you place walls without pillars

anyone know the camera controls?

What do you mean by 2x2 house inside 3x3 foundation? Like this maybe:

I let the walls could be placed without pillars on purpose, it is a little boring to place pillars by one by for big bases. This tool should give you the option of designing bases without doing too much work. So there are not much rules. For example you can place ceilings without any pillars.

For the camera controls, if you want to look around just hold pressed the CTRL key on your keyboard. W,A,S,D for basic movement, mouse wheel to zoom in/out faster. That’s all.


this is what i mean.

I encountered an issue where I was building a tower. I placed a stairway running through the center of the tower. When I tried to finish off the tower with ceilings, I found that I could not seem to place a ceiling above the stairway (which meant a hole on the top of the tower). Easy enough to compensate for, but would be nice to fix.

Actually, do you think it would be possible to add a “Preview mode”? Hit “preview” and it lets you walk around the house in first person. Would be super cool.

Currently you can add ceilings only if there is another ceiling or foundation 1 floor below. As a workaround, you can add ceilings to the top and remove the ones that you don’t want later. But it is added to our to do list anyway.

Preview mode is a good idea and actually very easy to implement, we can add this feature in a couple of days. Thanks for feedback!

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In addition to that, currently update functionality doesn’t work, so each time you save the design you get a new design ID. We know it and working on it.

its great for showing your ideas to your friends… great job, keep it up

My friend is trying to show me this design:


But it’s not letting me load it. Any ideas?

Because hid ID is


Absoulutely love it! Good Work!


this is a great tool

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this looks like a good shape for a base