Epic Custom Space Build Planet (very pic heavy)


This was built by me (Grumpy Hitler) and Xro blade (Xro)

The original concept (afaik) was from Slim Switch who gave me the e2 which I heavily modified.

Not really a space build planet but that was the original idea - it just got far too big.

Has all sorts of cool secrets and spots but pics in this case tell more than words, only a few things need explaining.

Fisrt off This / is the “Planet Room”, it contains the e2 which the holograms are parented to. The e2 spins at 0.2 rpm and what ever colour and material the e2 is set to, the hologram planet will be also; So kind of acts as the control room.

Also the planet has many hidded gnomes, some far easier to find than others - we will have a competition to find all the gnomes at some point.

Here is kind of a picture walk through - shows most things but there are still a few things it misses

Xro hopefully will make a vid for it and post it in the near future.

This is the secret entrace to the mine/basement of the planet, which is activated by hidden button

plus some pics with a cool material

Plus bonus pics, this is another xro/grumpy contraption which was originally made for the planet but can be used for whatever. Xro did the props and I did the wire - has two points (entity marked props) which the gondola will move between and keep a 90 degree angle to, 100% apply force. In a few pics it is way off the rope, this was to do with an issue that I fixed.
The pics and vid are in a scene on flatgrass_2008 made by Kamon62

Here is xro’s vid (hope he doesn’t mind me posting it - just cred him)

Oh and was all built on the Clearnet Deluxe server : feel free to come see us if you want to take a look (New Zealand server)

Telerak, I assure you this is mine and it is built from props IN SERVER not sdk

Jesus, it came out far more detailed than what it once was. Flawless.

Quoting myself: “seriously fucking detailed!”

Okay okay the only thing I think you could have changed for the better, is to use fewer props. You told me the prop count, and I guess that any kind of constructiveness given is to encourage fewer props.

wow thats awesome

Haha 1:45 someone set it on fire. Awesome.

holy. shit.

I feel sad that humans had to colonise a planet belonging to the gnomes. Ill try to make the video for the planet before xmas.

Edit: New years resolution is to finish this video

holy. fuck.

sticky this just because it is that awesome

Just… Amazing. Still amazing. I was there when you made it! This makes me want to come into gmod and finish up my planet.

Do you feel like god now?

No more so than normal

Makes me think maybe gmod is playing a game thats playing god

Well, looks like I’ve seen everything.


That’s insanely awesome :smiley:

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** awesome.

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haha I usually hate it when people add “epic” into their thread titles because whenever there is an epic in the thread title the shit ain’t epic. This however is. It’s both original and well crafted. I like this very muchos grande mia dios contable uno dos tres wat wat wat wurst mit kartoffel salat. Bra jobbat.

Now make a death star to destroy it.

Then he would have to make the sphere manually, to fit in that “inwards” thingy that the laser comes from :-3

^I lold hard

Spotted around 6-7 gnomes so far.