Epic Explosion

Portal explosion + dynamite.

Cool explosion. Bad choice of model.

The explosion is way too blurry, red, white, random, cutted on the left.
Good model.

LOL, everything you said was the opposite of what SanderMan said xP

That explosion is really done in-game?


Ingame explosions almost never look good imo

This is in-game explosions rendered with SuperDOF. Car on the background with photoshop’s motion blur. Portal explosion was corrected by Morph tool.

1st version.

Much better!

I can’t honestly critique the explosion at all as I have no experiance in the photoshopping field. All I can say is it looks good to me.

There is no Photoshop except car’s motion blur and black stripes)

What’s he doing with his left hand in pic 1?