Epic Gun with camera followed bullet

So here is my idea:
There’s aa bunch of “Epic guns” that slowdown time for some epicness.
But what about the gun that shoots physics bullets, and after shoot camera follows bullet in slowmotion. And THAT would be truly epic!

Erm. Perhaps that wanted swep made a while ago. Upon shooting, time slows down, bullet is followed until hits target.

What are you saying? but if i understood right tell link for that gun. Thanks

You mean like the Seeker in Singularity?

What did you understand? I mean, when you shoot it, the camera follows the bullet in slowmotion until it hits something.

I know as a fact someone has already made this swep before but i don’t remember the name. Just go searching around and you’ll eventually find it.


maker made this before.

Use the HEAT Sea King bullets…
I dont remember who made it but is cool…