Epic help please

can some one tell me how to use garrysmod.org i cant get mods for some reason and its making me angry… it says download mirror 1 2 or 3 and idk what thse are becasue i just started getting into mods… a tutorial would be nice

…Click one.

Click one mirror and it will download it, then you extract them into your garrysmod folder. Duh.

Also, whats up with that “Half-life 2 free, legal” ad?

It’s just the demo, Komeight.

and so after i extract it i cant find a gmod file to put it in… and how to i get the real thing not the demo

What exactly are you talking about?

getting mods from garrysmod.org

I mean, what do you mean by demo, I was talking about the HL2 free thing.