Epic Killing Sprees - V1.0 Release

Epic Killing sprees is a VERY BASIC gamemode.

It is my first gamemode and I am hoping to build this up into a very big thing.

(Download WAS here)

I just need some more help, It would much be appreciated!
RAMBOCHESE or cheseboi007

**Edit: **If you are wondering, I usually call my self cheseboi007 but I decided that RAMBOCHESE would be a nice change since that my Cousin’s Account (what I use) is RAMBOBOI but he got a new one! Its DelsozPwnage

So what do you do in this gamemode?

The aim of the game is to get is to get the MOST kills in one life, When you die you have to spectate. Last man gains extra points. Very basic, no shop no fancy weapons. I’m making some new weapons they will go in the next version. In the next version I am to add a Money Leaderboard where the Winner of the match gets $100 and can by new guns.

**Edit: ** You need multiple players or you’re screwed and the game just automatically Restarts every 3 secconds

Can’t be bothered to edit my last post but Who keeps rating posts to the most UNRELATED THING! Its stupid

how bout some screen shots

Its just Regular Deathmatch… But with one life… Also I found a Bug, Im going to upload the Fix.

… Its now in a Closed Beta…