Epic Loot Modded Server

12 - 27 - 2013: Server has been restarted to eliminate hostility between newcomers and bandits! All players get 20 rations to start !

I am a mod on a new server which came out today. At the moment we have a low amount of players which is great for beginners and allows a more friendly environment to be established. We pride ourselves in beginner hospitality. As you all join I hope that you can learn the basics of the game and prepare for more players to frequent this server. I hope to be taking 1440p videos once the server hits it’s capacity. We have 5 regular players and 2 moderators. We know administrating, we all have a successful history of private server administrating from various games! I hope you will enjoy the friendly environment! SURVIVE!

256 max Slots.
The server is sleeper and PvP. However, beginners are helped substantially to survive ALONE.
The server is Lag Free, and is monitored regularly.

Any person who joins our steam group via http://steamcommunity.com/groups/MIGRust, will receive a Supply Signal. Any beginners will be given a 10 minute walkthrough the game.

You can connect to the server by finding
[US] Mig - PvP/Sleeper

Or connect through the console by pressing f1 in game and copy and paste


into the console and pressing enter.

Join our group and chat with us via http://steamcommunity.com/groups/MIGRust

We hope to see you soon!

No bandits so its cool :dance:

24hr Bump =)

Servers up :slight_smile: :zoid:

Good community and fast crafting time.

Definitely on my favorites.

bump :c

Very nice server, admins are great and are very helpfull :smiley:


12 Hour Bump Time

12 Hour Bump Time


This is a great server! Admins are really cool.

thx :slight_smile:

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Fun server. Not overcrowded, so you can actually craft/loot

thanks :slight_smile: <3 :dance:

Great Server. Can actually craft stuff without getting killed every 5 seconds.

thanks BRO <3

10 Players ON WOOOT

Thanks for the posts everyone :slight_smile:

pretty good server overall