Epic Map Idea

So I saw this picture of an awesome monastery called the Ki Monastery in India and I thought it would be a cool map idea. So, who wants to take the challenge?

That is amazing!! Great inspiration there!

Reminds me of whiterun in skyrim

The size is perfect, as well. It’s not too big which means it probably fit within at least 1/4 of the entire hammer grid. Leaves room for other things, potentially underground related things.

Underground rail related things?

I would prefer this more:


I assume you, the model posers of Garry’s mod would have no problem with seeing both of these pictures being mapped!

I would love to see both of them mapped. I really like the Ki Monestary because of the epic environment around it. I’d love to see that get made into a 3d skybox, haha.

Oh my god, I was thinking about posting that earlier today!

For anyone wondering, it’s a Buddhist monastery near Paro, Bhutan.

It’s called “Tiger’s Nest”.

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Seems promising and tempting…

What’s the occasion?

Edit; I might do this, but I need more pictures as to the area of it, the interiors, etc…

Reminds me of a thread we had here some time ago