Epic Mario Preview

Just a short preview of a set of videos im working on. (for some reason youtube makes my videos appear darker…ill have to look into that later…)

My first attempt at an effort to make a garry’s mod video. Im thinking of doing two different videos. One a sort of music video and the 2nd more of a comedy. (You dont really think Dr. Haax would approve of the Enterprise at Helms Deep now would you?) Would like to find someone who is good at voice over narrations though as id like to do something with a little more backstory to Dr. Haax and how he came to be and why he has made poor Mario his latest target. :-).

Thanks to all the people who made the maps and models (all of which were downloaded from garrysmod org.

I call it “epic mario” because at the moment i cant think of a better title heh. “smiles”

I had a better first video of the flyby of the Enterprise near the lighthouse but stupidly i had left myself in front of the camera flying in the air! so :slight_smile: but this is just a start! also you will notice the phys gun beam i forgot to disable heh. :slight_smile:

so if anyone who is interested in doing some narration do let me know! ah the joys of online calibration…

one day and no replies at all? im like the only video posted on here with zero replies!!! :frowning: no fair! even the really bad videos got replies! :frowning: ah well maybe i should have started with the comedy idea first :slight_smile: im still learning. but i at least dont think my video is terrible? hmm… that or i guess no one cares ah well. figures. a completly stupid garrys mod video can get 1,000 hits and mine can only get 30 :-p.

this happened to me to when i first joined FP you have to wait 1-2 days for a reply. thats how it works.

and anyways your video didn’t really show much.

looks really good, subbed you now waiting for the video to be released!

because it hasnt been said

cool video, bro.

two million actually

thanks for the replies yeah i guess i should have gave it more time for folks to say something :smiley: but its muh first video post :smiley: