Epic prop_physics_multiplayer bug

I like to have lots of props just dotted around, to make the place seem a bit more… lively. For this, I use prop_physics_multiplayer set to non-solid serverside so the props don’t lag the server. Today, I discovered that Garry’s Mod disagrees with prop_physics_multiplayer, and decides to spawn two of every prop. One is non-collision, the other is a regular prop_physics. It’s very annoying, and thus I am going to have to rethink my general strategy… maybe turn all these props to prop_static or prop_dynamic_override. This means they don’t lag the server, they don’t interfere with gameplay, and it looks good.

Unless this has been encountered and dealt with before… any solutions, or am I just going to have to work around this little obstacle?

use prop_physics only for the props you need moving, and prop_static for the ones who arent so important to the map and dont really need to move

And if the prop does not allow prop_static, it should be a prop_dynamic because this is less expensive than prop_physics and just a little more expensive than prop_static.

Yeah, I’ve gone with prop_dynamic_override, and it looks fine. I do, however, need to find a way to populate the area a little more, though. I’m low on appropriate props. Then again, if it’s a large map maybe I should leave it a little sparse, for performance’s sake.

I imagine Garry changed the way Gmod handles them to allow people to make the most of the engine in maps which use these, however it sounds a bit bugged.
Perhaps requesting a feature like a Gmod-specific keyvalue that makes them act like they do in other Source games would be the best way to do this.

you can just tick the flag “start asleep” of every phys prop.