Epic radio idea!!!

You ever play rust and just sit by the fire/furnace not sure of what to do? Well unless you are suicidal and go collect stuff at night then you know how I feel. So my solution is a radio. It can be used as a tool to learn info, share info, and just general entertainment (I mean you have a guitar, might as well add something both fun and useful). The way the radio would work best would have it require two recipes; a radio transmitter and a radio receiver. Both of these are fairly self-explanatory in what they do. Finally I think these radios should work using the real life channel system as it allows for a high number of channels. On a final note I think a favorites tab would be useful for favorite channels.

Better yet make the satellite dish a radio station from which you can broadcast voice all over the server… You’d always have a moron in there annoying everyone and everybody would fight to death to be that moron… Loll

Right on, both of you. I had this idea once, and if i remembered i would have put it here xD
But, this is how it would go. The radio station itself is at the dish and anyone could be an announcer, noone else can talk on the radio other than whoever controls the dish.everyone could make radios (non default bp) and listen to one of a few stations. i’m sure i had more on this but that’s all i remember.

Essentially what Decide said.

But the problem there lies in the limited number of dishes and the availability of dishes; in real life people have personal radio transmitters that are about the size of a large cabinet. Also focusing radio transmitting as an exclusive to satellites greatly hinders variety, with a possibility of no transmissions at all if the current controller is offline. Though the satellite stations could have exclusive loot drops there such as the radio transmitters and music tracks.

Just make the dish a no-build area like on Hapis, problem solved, the “controller” is as good as a target at the shooting range… The drama that would onfold “on the air” would be worth listening to at least haha

There’s still a problem with the variety issue

I had the idea of a radio too
It would be funny but also usefull

You also could make severals upgrades to you radio to get the channel of the airforce that gives the airdrops and intercept the messages to change then and make the plane throw the airdrop over your house

There is a radio already listed on the Trello. Not sure how its going to work. But they should allow you to input Icecast/shoutcast addresses to stream audio through it like an xmp player.

I don’t like it

We’re thankful to have you.

But I mean like a radio that works both as one of those ham radios and for music. I mean just one feature without the other seems kinda boring. Besides there ain’t nothing wrong with talking on the radio.

I think Radio Rust is a great idea - but limit it to 1 set up per server at any time. This gives another ‘thing’ for everyone to fight over. It should have an opt out option for all mind and maybe only broadcast in certain zones, i.e rad towns etc.

A fun element.

The reason I want the radio is not to be something else to fight over, but to merely bring over that post apocalyptic feel by having people broadcast news, entertainment or just talk; after all it gets pretty lonely and boring at night even if you are with others because you end up setting camp due to the inability to see

I love this idea. I think with this, perhaps all chat could be removed. I know that’s a big leap, but it’s a leap in the right direction, in my opinion.

The ambience would be pretty sweet. The radio receiver could be a middle tier item, then let the apex teams fight for the prestige of big outdoor transmitters.

And joKerds’ idea could work if you could listen for the coordinates, but not control them. Having automated numbers coming in faintly over static would fit right into the island’s freaky vibe.

I run a radio station website that uses Icecast, something I cobbled together that accepts user uploads and automatically adds them to the playlist (there is a clause that it has to be music you’ve made yourself, and I have to monitor it for copyright stuff sneaking in, but other than that it runs itself pretty much). If they add Icecast support, I might make an offshoot especially for Rust. I can imagine people paying me in HQM on the server to run adverts for their clan/trading post. Would be awesome.

Would this be emergent airplay? : )

Actually I think it would be best for the receiver to be a starting item and the transmitter be a blueprint item. That way more people would have a chance to listen. Also is still the a number system like the am or fm radio system would work best considering the insanely large range of radio.

Aside from how it should be implemented a radio is very fitting for this game (especially if transmissions were by players) because it gives the post apocalyptic feel this game is aiming for

So just wondering if anyone is opposed to this radio idea of mine