Epic Roleplay Productions.

Ever wanted some zombie rp? Then go do some Fallout rp? Then maybe go back to old school real life rp? All on the same server? Then look no further. Epic Roleplay Productions is here.

Who are we?
We are the remenants of DisclaimerStudios. We have the same admins, the same users, the same script. We even still have the fun laidback rp style. We are. Epic Roleplay Productions.

Why is this diffrent than other rp servers? Instead of super serious servers (TnB, KuroScript, Shh) or the other dark rp servers who are just dark rp, we offer a variety of diffrent experiances. We could do zombie rp one day, Fallout rp the next. You can come on and build for all we care. The only reason we are here is to have fun. The admins are fun and responsible, the users friendly and funny. We also have movie nights where we watch movies on the server and film our own.

The community makes a diffrence. In the voting section on our forums, users and admins together can vote on items to add to the server. Really wanted an addon on a server but never could because you wern’t friends with the owner? Post in the voting section and see if the community wants it. If they do, it gets added. If the majority decides they don’t it won’t be added.

About the script. The script is EpicRP. Orignally started as a DarkRP mod until after a years worth of modding from 3 scripters, it’s what it is now. Almost everything can be accessed from the F2 menu. Player classes, item buying, and model changer. The guns are priced realisticly so DMing is driven down. There is also many chat options such as radio (/r), Distress calls to the cops (/911), job chat (/job) and many more. There is also some items, not many, such as breifcases to put money in. We also have one of the original scripters on our team.

About the server. We are currently running a 32 slot server with the original EpicRP script that ran on DisclaimerStudios. We have a multitude of maps and you can ask an admin to start a vote for a map that you are fond of. The server is up 24/7 and little to no lag. The server is located in Austin, TX and is hosted by Xenon Servers.

Server IP:

Forums: http://www.epicroleplayproductions.gamingclans.ws/

We hope to see you there and remember, just have fun.

You will see me there soon.

Same for me.

So… When you tell about the script it sounds like a RLRP modification of DarkRP, but in the above you talk about zombie, Fallout and RLRP? Wtf

We sometimes do zombie rp, using the same script, or othertimes we play Fallout rp. We aren’t focused on RLRP. The majority is RLRP but we sometimes play Fallout RP or zombie rp. Is it clear now?

sounds neat… going on… NOW