Epic sattelite placement is epic

Roaming in the mountains when I stumbled on this thing here:

procedurally generated landscapes can be pretty.

The texture is prety ugly.
Hope this is just placeholder :confused:

When I first saw these dishes some time ago, the first thing that popped into my head was “Where’s the Rebel base at”.


It should look uglier since it is rusted and maybe broken down lol.

It IS pretty ugly up close, texture is all stretched goes all weird when moving the camera. but that’s just for the lower part of the sattelite.

The model is a work in progress, because they’re testing to see if it works properly and adjusting anything that needs adjusting.

No point in putting a month’s work into finishing and perfecting a model before you even know if you can use it. That’d really suck, throwing it out and starting over after wasting all that time.

And so its current state is unfinished. Did you forget you’re playing an alpha in active development?