Epic Shootout!

My heart was racing after this.

Managed to defend our territory from another group, enjoy!

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Also, special thanks to R33ky for helping me with this fight!

That’s a lot of headshots! Nice gameplay.

Agreed. That was sick!

I nearly came from them.

That was pretty sick you’re a good shot. I can’t imagine how fucking pissed of they were after this defeat.

It’s just a battlefield server… so probably not very upset.


Very nice, it would be nice to venture out with full kevlar and m4 but I cant I’ll just get aoe killed by cheater on official server. I spend my time now annoying losers on the forum who dont play anyway

no sway on that bolt action but great job anyways.

What? There was definitely sway on it…

He was crouching for most of the video which reduces the sway a lot.

sweet call of duty video man.

I found that tapping your movement keys instead of holding them down reduces some sway as well, at least for me anyways.

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Thanks man, I’m prestige 69.

How did you enable popups showing who you killed and how much dmg you made?

It’s an addon with the Deathmatch server.

At 1:50 those head shots are insane.

Thanks man!