Epic squeaker kill!

So, a few friends were playin with me on a rust server and we got epic loot, and started a war, we got a couple of friends to “team” with him and it took a while, but one of our friends lured him to the last airdrop funny, cuz he threw it, she got the middle of the three he got the other two, at the last one i sniped him with my silenced rifle 1 hit kill! it was the best kill ever!

dewd! For reelz?? Best sotryt everz!!

Epic? You manipulated a player and shot him from a distance… Lol

If that is seriously where your standards are set for “epic” then you must be some really untalented noob. You literally killed the easiest type of player in the most pussiest way.

Wait, you first started saying it was a he, then it was a she, then it was a he again.

Was it a guy or a girl or a He-She??

No no… this story is so full of holes it doesn’t make any sense throws arms up in the air and walks away

Worst Story… Ev’AR!! :suicide:

Wow that proof is so fucking hilarious, it made my day!

I’m looking forward to hearing the missing sex change story