Epic Team members striking epic poses in a semi-epic preview for a possibly epic comic


So, I’ve considered doing a humorous comic involving a diverse team of heroes, scum, and oddballs, set out on a dimension-hopping journey across the many plains of existence. Along the way, they pick up allies, encounter formidable enemies, and best of all…their quest will probably make next to no sense! As a side note, they fly around on an airship built from old train cars and random junk.

Applicable music (0:05 - 0:56 is the most relevant part):



C&C. I would like to hear if any of you wish to see a comic of this sort, and I would greatly appreciate if each person to reply would give ther opinion on the possiblity of launching a comic like this. Also, if anyone has any questions about the comic in question, feel free to ask me them, and I will reply as best I can.

Skip the second Zoey.

I originally had the idea that they were twin sisters or something.

The character is not Zoey, by the way.

nice and creative, looks good
but the sun looks like its like 100miles from the earth

What tells you that the live on the earth?

Looks quite nice.

Thanks, guys.

Good point.

The map this shot was taken on was gm_skylife (it’s set high in the atmosphere, above the clouds, and there’s floating rocks everywhere). My idea for the picture was that it took place in the upper atmosphere of, say, a gas giant or some such thing.



If I get a few more positive replies, I might look into doing this.

This sounds amazing. I agree, do it!

I dunno man but I see two different-coloured zoey’s there and I suggest you skip one. “Identical” characters usually don’t work.

Nice. It certainly has an epic feel to it. If I may ask. Is that train flying?

Thank you for the reply.

Actually, one of them (the green one) looks different up close (you can’t see it in this shot). The green one is a red head and, if I remember right, has freckles and stuff. The blue Zoey has the same face as the old one.

Indeed it is. It’s difficult to see, but an old scrapped Viper Mk. 2 is strapped to the bottom, and there’s two more at the rear of the craft.

That sun would blind them if they looked at it. :frown:

Nice pose anyways.

I suppose you’re right. It’s just for the sake of a cool sunset, though. At sunset, the sun appears larger in the sky, and if this planet was only a little bit closer than Earth (in distance ratio), it could potentially give the sun a scaled up appearance without it actually being huge and blinding.

Bad Camera Angle, Bad Composition, Bad Text.
Zoom in the main stuff next time.

This was a helpful reply. It totally helped me become better at posing.

Sarcasm aside, you should actually tell me what to fix and how instead of attacking every aspect of my picture and then not saying how it could actually be helped. Do tell me what would make a better angle, how it’s composed badly, and while you’re at it, suggest me a new font to use.

If I zoomed in any more, you couldn’t tell that the train was even flying.

Well how about just notching the train up a bit and zoom in on it, that’s not hard to do. And maybe I’ll actually see what the characters look like.

The zoom ended up being necessary, in my opinion. I was trying to angle it a certain way, and nothing else felt right. I appreciate the opinions, though I must respectfully disagree.

I want you to know that that picture in combination with the epic music is AWESOME.

Go for this comic, my friend. I have enough hopes for it that I want you to PM me when it is ready for unveiling.

As long as the characters develop real relationships, and there ends up being a romantic sex scene between Main male and female characters, then it shall be grand.