epic update

Love the new shit and tweaks to the game.

Decay is back to old rust play style. Love this
Garry and team rocks

decay is like old style? can you remember me how works the old style?

the decay speed is actually up to the server’s admin.

Game needs better optimization than those shit updates. How u will play if u shuttering lags each update…

Stop sooking the game is in early access. Can’t handle the “shuttering lags” then do something about it and get a better computer. Sooking about optimisation in an early access title is just plain stupid. Did you read the disclaimer when you purchased the game? clearly not.

my computer are 5 years old right now and i play at 60 FPS and are very rare i feel any kind of lag. I’am not magical, just buy one decent PC (not the expensive one, but a decent PC)

The decay feels like the old rust. The decay rate. On facepunch servers