EPIC US PVP SERVER :: AdultAdmin/PVP/AD@15/Remove/FPS/Raffle/NoAdminAbuse/Arena

Tired off servers hosted by inexperienced admin that don’t do their job? So were we, so we started another server. Owner, Admins, and Mods are all previous server owners that are dedicated to making sure the server runs as smoothly and hacker free as possible. Owner and Admins stay current on all hacks and exploits to give you the best gaming experience we can. We listen to the community, and highly value your input. Come help us get this thing off the ground, started today and up to 12 steady people.

Join us @ net.connect
Vote for the server @ http://toprustservers.com/vote/13366 #19 on Toprustservers now!


Fresh Wipe - 8/11, future wipes only when lag becomes an issue from buildings
Standard Loot Tables
No blocked crafting
Hourly Raffle - Random items raffled to players randomly
Private Messaging
No Durability
No Fall Damage
PVP Arena
Airdrops @ 15 people
Voting Rewards - Subject to change, currently wood planks
Referral Rewards - Bring a friend, get a triple Research Kit
Starter Kits
FPS Mod - Boost your FPS
Remove Tool
Adult, Experienced, Non-Abusive Admins

Let’s go!!

Great server, great admins, join now

Thx Moist!

I love this server! Great admins, and good fun.

I love how the only people who have really commented here are all low posters…

All people from the server, some made accounts just to post. My account is just from the last time I had a server. Not multi’s though I can tell you that. Names match names in game on the server.

Everyone on the server is having a great time so far. Raffles are running every hour, and Airdrops should start soon!!!

this server is great and with the arena starting up it can only get better.

Really love the server, great admins, love the raffle and the arena. Keep up the good work.

#JusticeForBrandoff Well, Let’s see. I got banned for “aimbot” after I wrecked a bunch of whiny little kids and they decided to call hacks. The admins proceeded to ban me after finishing the fight without saying a single word. They are very stubborn and don’t believe I’m not a hacker which makes everything worse. They bribe new people with woodplanks for voting for the server other wise the population would be dead and they know it too. If you played within the first 24 hours of being in the server you were given 200 woodplanks…Come on now that’s pretty pathetic if you ask me. The admin/leader of KoR, Cali, get’s angry every time he gets killed and always vows “revenge” and says he will raid your house because of his anger(known from past experience). He doesn’t get over anything, and thinks he’s on top of the world because he has over 1.5k hours. Don’t get me wrong he’s a pretty decent Rust player but do one wrong thing and you’re done. Do not join this server because if you are any good at Rust you’ll be stalked by an invisible admin and land a few headshots and you’ll be banned…complete waste of time playing with KoR.

Thanks guys! Always open to suggestions as well, if there is anything we can approve on let us know!

Also, Arena is up and running now!

Oh Brandoff, where do I begin. Let’s set the record straight for a second. First of all, this guy was a very trusted member of my clan for months before we even had the server, I have hundreds of hours PVP’ing with and against him. That being said, in the first 24 hours of the server wipe, Brandoff was at 60 kills - 0 deaths. On top of the entire server, as well as his entire clan calling hacks on him, he decided to get a triple kill - all headshots, all within seconds of each other. Then in the last fight before he was banned, we watched him go 1v5, even getting ran up on from behind and taking a full MP5 clip to the back with no medkits ( we checked his inv ). It might not be clear cut hacking, but I have played with him many hours, and he was never, ever even close to that good. It killed me to ban another member of my clan that I trusted, but it had to be done.

As far as the temper… ya, I get mad when I die in Rust and as such raid the bases or kill the players responsible - 100% legit, as a player. That is how the game is played right?

And we only did the 200 planks on the 1st round wipe of the server to get a population going. The 50 wood planks that you now get as a reward for voting for the server is what… 4 wood nodes? Ooooh what a bribe. People vote because they like the server. Today alone I had 3 people ask me how they donate, and I told them we do not accept donations.

Server is at a solid 30-40 players online, and doing fine. Sorry you made a bad decision Brandoff. Thanks for flaming the server and sending your little buddies in to spam the chat… very childish for the 5 minutes that lasted.

What was this “bad decision” that I made? I don’t hack, I play the game without using hacks which you don’t seem to believe. If you actually trusted me, you would believe I wasn’t using hacks. P.S. people get better at games the more hours they put into them, I had put so many hours of nonstop Rust with you guys in PvP, raiding, etc OBVIOUSLY I’m going to get better…