EpicRP ( need help updating btw )

Yes this is a DarkRP mod, but not made by me. This needs to be updated to the latest DarkRP! I woud like some help! This was released publically.

The gamemode was originally run exclusively by ShadyLogic’s DisclaimerStudios server, but it has since closed down, and EpicRP has become a very fond memory. It began as a simple DarkRP mod, but we slowly added our own features to it, and little by little, it diverged from its base, until eventually (I don’t remember which update), we ceased synchronizing it with DarkRP.

It has quite a few nifty features. I had completely redone the HUD (it’s even movable via a console command!), added a few weapons of my own (such as a searcher swep for cops), and a few other useful tweaks.

I decided to put it here on garrysmod.org so that maybe someone could get some use out of it. By all means, feel free to use it on your server, just email me if you do at roflsaurus8@gmail.com.

I couldn’t get any screenshots of it because it’s not being run anywhere any more.

Have fun!


The changelog: http://disclaimerstudios.wikispaces.com/The+Script+Changelog

Sounds good i hope i fine a server with this.

Kirad, I like you. But looking at that changelog it looks like regular DarkRP. Is there a inventory or anything?.

If not, you probably should just download the latest SVN and re-add whatever features you wanted from EpicRP.

I did not make this, I did not edit this in any way. I need help updating to the latest SVN of darkrp.


The files break when I try to add EpicRP files, ( really, I just like the HUD )

Any specific part of the hud?.

Also, I have a general question. Why is it people make a big deal about having armor in a gamemode (Like this mod) when its pathetically easy to add?. Pratically 3-4 lines server side and one or two lines client side.

do NOT flamepls

Reported for being a moron / spamming.

Well darksoul, I like the part of the HUd where it’s a little card sitting on the left side of your screen, let me get a picture.

Very interesting.

broke mah auto merge :(.


it might be a bit big, so I put it in a link: http://i25.tinypic.com/dhb87b.jpg

I actually played this for a while. I liked it more than normal DarkRP. Probably the only thing that was nearly as good as LightRP used to be. I’d recommend making one from scratch rather than updating to the new version.

so can anyone give me that sexy HUD and put it into the current version of darkrp? I can’t find where it begins and ends, what I replace, etc.

Why go to the current darkrp. DarkRP sucks now.

LightRP was always better.

Yep. You sir are a winner.

sniffle They finally released EpicRP. The community was great for about a year, then it all went to shit because of drama. Glad to see it’s finally a public gamemode. Love it 10x more than DarkRP.

This version is out of date, I need help re-making it, I am not the best at lua.

I’m using LightRP right now for my RP. I broke it down to a nut in a shell.

And we needed to know that?

That is so creepy…

Also,I miss the good days of playing EpicRP.